Hi! This is the personal blog of Brandon Parsons - thanks for stopping by. I am a Professional Engineer based out of Calgary, Canada who has a passion for solving tough problems in engineering, finance and programming.


I am a Chemical Engineer by trade (I work in Oil & Gas), and love the challenges & consistent learning that this position provides. I completed a dual degree in Chemical Engineering & Pure Chemistry at Queen's University in 2007, and have been working in oil & gas ever since.


I have always had an interest in finance - I've often found myself reading books about Warren Buffett or quantitative finance rather than your standard fiction book! In order to learn more about the subject, I decided in 2008 to start the Charted Financial Analyst (CFA) program. This is a three-year graduate-level program covering various topics such as:

  • Economics
  • Quantitative methods
  • Structure / valuation of equity and debt securities
  • Corporate finance
  • Portfolio management
  • Financial reporting and analysis (accounting)
  • Derivatives
  • Alternative investments

I successfully completed this program in 2011, and am eligible for my charter pending completion of the requisite work experience.

Computer Science

Although not a computer science major (or software engineer), I've always had a small interest in programming and software design. Starting from a base in Java from High School and University, I have since branched out to learn Ruby (/Rails), Clojure, JavaScript (/EmberJs) Go and R.

My largest web project (RetirementPlan.io) started out as a way to learn Ruby and Rails. I certainly did not expect for it to develop into a full-fledged web application. That project is shelved for the time being until the Canadian Regulatory environment is conducive to algorithmic retirement advice.

My continued interest in programming has led to experimenting with various web service APIs, shell scripts, and seeing what kind of novel creations I can work on at the intersection of my interests and skills.

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