R is an excellent language for finance, statistics and general science. Here's a quick setup guide to get you going.


  1. Install R from the CRAN website
  2. Get RStudio (if IDE's are your thing). This will provide syntax support, graphical representations of your data and R Objects as well as other handy features.
  3. Get a package install.packages('quantmod')
  4. Load the library library(quantmod)
  5. Load some stocks loadSymbols(c('^XAU', 'GLD', 'IAU'))
  6. Chart! chartSeries(GLD)


Get some other useful packages:

  • reshape
  • ggplot2
  • plyr
  • RGoogleDocs (see for an example)

Note that R has powerful CSV import/export tools. Plays nicely with Excel!

Console vs. IDE

Like many other programming languages, whether you prefer "text editor" type interaction or an IDE is often a personal preference. I've been on the former side with Ruby/Rails, but for R I've been leaning towards the IDE (RStudio). So far this has been mostly for visualization of the data objects saved, as well as some syntax support.

R Console

Console Environment


IDE Environment

More to follow on R....

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